How the St Ludovick Institute of Charity Helps Tanzania’s Albino Children

The St Ludovick Institute of Charity (SLIOC) is an activist-based, non-profit organization based in Misungwi, Mwanza, in the Lake Zone of Tanzania.

It has been providing services since 2015, was formally founded in 2016 and is in the final stages of registration as an official charitable organisation.

SLIOC’s goal is to develop safe and sustainable communities for oppressed albino children.

Its mission is to build a society with equal and fair treatment for all, regardless of colour, ethnicity, physical appearance, religious affiliation or status.

The vision is for everyone to have access to education and medical care. The man behind SLIOC is Ludovick Peters who is the founder and CEO.

The organisation is not named after its founder, rather it is named after a saint with a similar name, who had great passion for helping the less privileged and was renowned for fostering children.

A Tanzanian and an ESL teacher by profession, Ludovick is a renowned humanitarian, a determined social change maker and an experienced motivational speaker.

Ludovick Peters
Philanthropist and SLIOC founder

With a 10-year track record as an administrator, he is also a skilled business consultant, an experienced project coordinator and a patriot committed to alleviating the plight of Tanzania’s large albino population.

Listen to Ludovick being interviewed on the Work Passion Fit podcast by John Francis.

What We Do

SLIOC provides children with albinism and physical disabilities with security, shelter, food and clothing.

By giving them a safe place to live and access to education, albino children have an opportunity to develop in the same way as other youngsters. SLIOC is one of three centres in the Lake Zone working to ease the plight of those who are albino. In addition to basic needs, we provide medical assistance and help with finding suitable employment so that albinos can become productive members of society.

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