Protect Tanzanian Albinos From Slaughter

Many of us are opposed to the slaughter of endangered animals – like rhinos – for their body parts.

But did you know there is an entire group of people who are hunted and murdered for the same reason?

In Tanzania, East Africa, people with white skin (known as albinos) are hunted like animals for their body parts which are widely believed to have magical and superstitious properties.

Local witch doctors promote the belief that when albino hair or limbs are consumed as part of a potion – wealth, success and power will follow.

As a result, between 2000 and 2017 there were 75 ‘registered’ killings of albinos, a further 61 survived attacks and there were 16 albino grave robberies.

While all albinos are in danger, children are particularly vulnerable and are often murdered as babies or abandoned by their families because of their light-colour skin.

Tanzania has the largest population of albinos in Africa with one in every 1429 children born with the condition, a much higher rate than any other nation.

Albinos are more than usually found in the region of Mwanza, where two centres struggle to provide much-needed care, security and education for albino children.

A third centre is desperately needed which the welfare and research organisation – St Ludovick Institute of Charity (SLIOC) – is planning to build.

There, albinos will be given sanctuary from hunters and murderers, and provided with a home and an education that they would not otherwise get.

This website contains information about albinism, links to reports and articles, explains how SLIOC aims to help these forgotten people and provides ways you can help stop the slaughter of innocent men, women and children for their body parts.

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